multi engine instructor

It has been just under seven months since I have flown the twin engine. My last flight I logged was my multi-engine commercial check ride. Today broke that streak with a quick flight in preparation for my MEI(Multi-engine instructor). This is an add-on to my current flight instructor certificate and is my next step in training.

It was nice to be back in the plane. It is most definitely the airplane that I love to fly the best. The avionics suite in the aircraft is on another level in comparison to the rest of our fleet. Add to that the stability of a heavier, faster aircraft and you have a very fun airplane to fly.

Even after all this time out of the aircraft, today’s flight went rather well considering. We ran through almost all of the PTS items for the MEI checkride. I felt pretty good about most of it, and I think I’ll be able to wrap this up in a few hours of flight time.

My landings were of a minor concern to me. I felt like I was fighting with the aircraft and that doesn’t normally produce smooth landings. The first few touch and goes we did were quite disconcerting to me. My very last landing was finally back within my personal tolerance for a ‘good’ landing.

I’m excited to get another rating under my belt, and start instructing multi-engine students!