first paid flight

I’m currently doing what is called ‘Standardization’. This is what FlightSafety puts their new hire CFIs through to ensure that everyone teaches they way FlightSafety wants them to. It’s a few weeks long, and covers all aspects of my job as an instructor here.

Today I had a flight to ensure that my flying and teaching are up to par with what they’re looking for. This was my first time I ever flew an airplane, and got paid for it. Even though the flight itself wasn’t as good as I knew it could have been, it’s still a pretty good feeling. It has been a long time coming, but I’m finally getting paid to do what I love.


I’m pretty much done with week one of standardization. I have a few days left in the week to complete some other things on my own. They would like me to sit in on a few flights, and they’re even going to PAY me to do it.

So far so good, I’m looking forward to getting through this quickly and getting students.


13 days after starting CFII training, I have completed it.

I took and passed my CFII checkride today with a score of 95/95. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is pretty freaking perfect.

I heard pretty much nothing but very good remarks about the oral and flight examination. I felt really good going into this checkride and all the hard work thus far has really paid off. I really couldn’t be happier at this time.

Up next for me is standardization Monday. That is about 3-4 weeks of review training to make sure I’m capable of teaching to the standards the school looks for. After that I will get some students, and start teaching! I’m looking forward to that part so much right now. To be able to take someone from nothing to a rated pilot!

This is where the real learning begins, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.



Today I finished the interview process and was offered the position of flight instructor.

I’m still in shock. Very excited, and happy and ready to start.

I start standardization on Monday, which is going to be awesome.

All I have to do is finish my CFII by Saturday, and I’m all set!