instrument training

I have been working on step 4 for about a week now. This is the step where I work towards my Instrument rating. Up until today I have been just working in the simulator, and ground lessons. Today I had my first flight in the twin with emphasis on instrument training.

For this flight I was primarily under the hood. Which only allows me to see my instruments, and not out the window. This simulates instrument meteorological conditions, which could be encountered during IFR flight.

The flight went incredibly well, I flew everything nearly perfectly. It all came together, and I feel like I'm getting the hang of it. The procedures are a little different, and I'm still adapting, but I don't see any reason for it to cause trouble for me.

Getting closer and closer, and it just gets better and better.


Well I passed my check ride today in an extremely long 1.6

It was overall a good ride, with a few little things that I fumbled. Small checklist items, or memory items, that I forgot. The check airman was very kind to remind me, and help me complete them.

I felt ok about the whole thing, but was still worried when it was over. I wasn’t sure if the simple mistakes I made were enough to fail, or if he had even decided to pass or fail me. I wish that when they knew I have passed, they would tell me right then. Closing up the plane, and walking back to the flight ops building without knowing if you pass or failed, can seem like a really long walk.

I’m just glad it’s over, and now on to Instrument training.


Today was day number three which I had to cancel my check ride flight due to weather. Mostly associated with tropical storm Alberto. I'm seriously hoping tomorrow is much better. This is starting to get annoying.

half way there

Yesterday I was scheduled for my actual step three check ride. However due to weather it was only partially completed. I completed the oral exam with a score of 95/100. Lots of questions about the systems of the aircraft, aerodynamics, and performance.

Due to the weather associated with tropical storm Alberto, I don't think I'll be able to do the flying portion today either. Even though it's far from us, we're getting low clouds, and rain. Which isn't the best for visual flying.

Hopefully by today, or tomorrow, the weather will clear, and I can finish this thing.

step three check ride

Well today I completed my step three mock check ride. Basically this flight was exactly what my check ride will be like, but was done with my regular instructor. In this flight we did all the items I'm required to perform. Everything went really smooth, and I'm feeling really comfortable with everything.

Now the waiting game comes. Due to the shortage of check airmen here, I will probably wait about a week for the check ride. Which means a lot of time to study, but a lot of time to get rusty with flight maneuvers.

Once I have complete this, I will be a Private pilot airplane single engine land and sea, multi engine land.