I have passed my ground school final with a score of 90%.

I have just passed my FAA Private written test with a score of 85%.

I feel I could have done better on the written, but I’m still happy with my score.


I have some studying to do. My final for Private ground school is tomorrow at 9am, and the following day at 9am is my FAA written test.

Cya in a few days, I’ll let you know!

new CFI

I got a call yesterday from my new CFI.

I have decided that since this week is my final, and my FAA written I won't start scheduling flights until next week. I can't imagine how nice it's going to be when I'm out of ground school. I think I'm going to enjoy it.

This week we have looked at weather, sectional charts, and we will be doing flight planning tomorrow.

when you realize your studying pays off

It feels freaking unbelievable.

I took a FAA private written PRACTICE test, and I passed with an 84%. Which is better than I have ever done on the FAA practice tests.

After this week, I think I'll be confident to take the test and pass with a good score.


I have found probably the best place to study around here.

There is a public library a few miles from here, towards downtown. It’s a really nice place, two story library. Generally really quiet, and air conditioned. It’s good because it takes me away from TV, my computer, and my friends here in the dorms.

I went there today and got about 3 hours of studying done. Definately a good thing, since we’re now doing weather. I hate weather. I really do. It is by far my worst subject to study ever. I find it boring, and hard to concentrate on learning it.

I only have 1 or 2 more hours of weather class time, so I’m reading and studying as much as I can.

Well, now that I’ve studied today, I’m going to the beach! 🙂