instrument written

I have taken, and passed my Instrument Airplane written exam.

It was pretty rough. Couple of questions I haven't seen, and some very difficult ones. It took me about an hour to complete the test and I finished with an 83%

I'm glad it's over, now I can focus on completing my multi-engine add on.


my current log book times:

Total Time : 175.1
Simulated Instrument : 9.9
Simulator : 10
Night : 18.1
Cross Country : 58.5
Solo : 68.6
PIC : 88.6
Dual Received : 105.7

instrument ground school completed!

I finished instrument ground school today with a final test. I scored a 93. I can't seem to make the perfect 100, but I'm happy with the results. I'm not done studying yet though, on Friday I take my FAA written exam. That's the one that really counts.

I have taken a few practice tests, which are in the same format, and consist of the same questions. On average I was scoring 80%+ so I'm not too worried. I would like to do better than 80'ish, but I only need 70% to pass. 🙂

Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy a well deserved day off. At least for the first half. Then it's back to studying for the test.

I only have a few flights left in step three. This step consists of time in the Seminole for my Private Pilot Multi-Engine rating. It's weird, because I'm almost done, and I only have 10 hours in the airplane. In a few flights I'll be expected to complete all the objectives to test standards.

I've been doing ok with the flying, but there is a lot of information to memorize. I've been having some troubles with that. Hopefully now that I'm done with instrument, I can start studying Seminole procedures and systems again.

It never ends my friends. Once you finish studying for one thing, another comes along. I have to keep studying it all too, because I can't forget any of it!

instrument ground school: update

This is the last week of ground school, and I took my second quiz in the class today. I scored a 97 today, and last week I scored a 94.

The final in the class is this week, and then the FAA exam is on Friday.

I was initially a little concerned with the proximity of the FAA exam to the end of class. I am feeling a little more confident with it now. I took a few practice exams, and did ok. Nothing worth bragging about, but I think with this week to study, I should do fine.

This class has moved incredibly fast, and I'm amazed at the information I have absorbed in such a short amount of time. I'm excited to be done with ground school, and get back to flying some more. I haven't been able to fly as much due to class, as well as weather delays.

In fact- right now it's pouring rain, and thunderstorms 🙁

instrument ground school

Today I started instrument ground school. This ground school is two and a half weeks long. It is in preparation for my FAA written exam for Instrument airplane, and Instrument Instructor.

Today we went over some of the basics, and got familiar with our books. Introduced to some of the charts, and approach systems we will use in IFR conditions. There is a lot of information to cover, and little time to speak about everything.

Because of the cut backs at the school, they now schedule each ground school only once per month. Previously it was twice per month. This means, even though I haven't finished my multi-engine add-on, I have to start instrument ground school. Otherwise I would finish multi-engine, and be stuck with nothing to work on for a few weeks.

This brings on a little bit of a challenge, as it will require a lot of studying for both. The next few weeks are going to be very busy for me.