instrument ground school: update

This is the last week of ground school, and I took my second quiz in the class today. I scored a 97 today, and last week I scored a 94.

The final in the class is this week, and then the FAA exam is on Friday.

I was initially a little concerned with the proximity of the FAA exam to the end of class. I am feeling a little more confident with it now. I took a few practice exams, and did ok. Nothing worth bragging about, but I think with this week to study, I should do fine.

This class has moved incredibly fast, and I'm amazed at the information I have absorbed in such a short amount of time. I'm excited to be done with ground school, and get back to flying some more. I haven't been able to fly as much due to class, as well as weather delays.

In fact- right now it's pouring rain, and thunderstorms 🙁