instrument ground school completed!

I finished instrument ground school today with a final test. I scored a 93. I can't seem to make the perfect 100, but I'm happy with the results. I'm not done studying yet though, on Friday I take my FAA written exam. That's the one that really counts.

I have taken a few practice tests, which are in the same format, and consist of the same questions. On average I was scoring 80%+ so I'm not too worried. I would like to do better than 80'ish, but I only need 70% to pass. 🙂

Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy a well deserved day off. At least for the first half. Then it's back to studying for the test.

I only have a few flights left in step three. This step consists of time in the Seminole for my Private Pilot Multi-Engine rating. It's weird, because I'm almost done, and I only have 10 hours in the airplane. In a few flights I'll be expected to complete all the objectives to test standards.

I've been doing ok with the flying, but there is a lot of information to memorize. I've been having some troubles with that. Hopefully now that I'm done with instrument, I can start studying Seminole procedures and systems again.

It never ends my friends. Once you finish studying for one thing, another comes along. I have to keep studying it all too, because I can't forget any of it!