Posting here has really slowed down, I’m sure I’m writing to myself anymore these days. I guess the average number of readers for all the millions of blogs on the internet is like 2 per blog. So I’m not sure if that includes the author or not, but here’s hoping! (also- there are something like 40,000 new blogs per day)

I’m currently enrolled in single engine commercial add-on. I’ve finished flight instructor ground school with high marks. I studied very hard for those tests, and did very well. Which made me pretty happy. This course is very short, and I should have it completed by the end of the month. After that it’s right into flight instructor flying.

This includes a lot of studying, and a lot of research. I’m required to have a lesson made for almost everything that is a part of the private pilot practical test standards. Basically be able to teach anything that a new pilot would be required to learn if I was their instructor. This process is basically the consolidation, and summarization of a lot of material. This material is stretched across many different sources, and requires me to pick only the pertinent information for a time limited lesson. I’m excited for this though, as much work as it’s going to be. It will force me to learn in great detail everything there is to know about becoming a private pilot and commercial pilot. This will be an incredible boost to my base of knowledge, and respectively, my confidence as an instructor.

I’m excited to be nearly completed with this program. Through everything, all I have learned, I think I have grown as a person. I’m optimistic about my future, and look forward to the new upcoming challenges.