first flight!

Well I had my first Vero Beach flight today.

It wasn't a lesson, but more of an introduction to the area, the different practice areas, and some of the procedures here. We went around the area, and pretty much did a big circle around the airport, and then did some touch and goes.

* I have removed this pictures due to bandwith issues *

Now it's time to study for class later today.

First test

I have taken and passed my first written test in Private ground school. This isn't the FAA written, just a small portion of questions on aerodynamics, systems, and FAR's. I didn't pass with as good of a score as I thought I would have. Which indicates I don't know as much as I thought :p

So in light of that result, more studying for me. Today after our test we moved into performance theory. Pretty simple stuff, but I have some homework to look over and complete. I'm again confident in my knowledge of this subject matter, but I don't want to be too confident. Just because I know some of the numbers, and some of the terms, I think that is fooling me into thinking I'm an expert. I don't know. I'm really just bummed that someone with my experience didn't ace the test.

Oh well, with time I'm sure.


Hurricane Ophelia is headed for the Carolinas, with no threat to my area.

Good luck Carolinas.

i know

I didn’t update with Friday’s class info.

I think I will just post when something exciting happens, I don’t know.

The only good thing right now, is I meet with my CFI(flight instructor) for the first time tomorrow.

Day 2

Aerodynamics 2 and Systems 2

Today was more of the same. A little more indepth with the information today, but still a lot of review for me.

The big news for the day doesn't really have anything to do with school. Tropical depression Ophelia became a hurricane today. A few different models show it going out to sea, then turning back for land. They're still unsure where it will hit, but I'm in the general vicinity they're predicting. I'm not too concerned about it, but it's on my mind now.

Well, homework done, dishes done, laundry done. Time for bed.