I’ve recently been traveling back home to the great state of Idaho! Best friend of mine got married, and dang nabbit I was invited! Good excuse to take a week off and get some nice R & R with my friends back home. Having been almost an entire year since I last visited it was great to see everyone. The things that can change in a year always amaze me, but the things that haven’t changed are just as amazing.

Right now I’m just hanging out in Salt Lake City waiting on a connecting flight home. This trip has been pretty exhausting in regards to airline travel. I chose to fly standby on this trip and that has been a new experience for me. It really wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I have had some good experiences from it.

Coming out to Idaho I got bumped off a few flights, and had a nice extended layover in Atlanta. So far on the way back I’ve been doing really well. I just have to wait out about a 7 hour layover again. Hopefully between now and then my flight won’t fill up too much!

Just this morning on my flight to Salt Lake, I got to sit in the very first row of first class. This seat happens to be exceptionally close to the cockpit door. That didn’t really mean much to me until we were coming into land. Through the door I could hear the radar altimiter announcing the AGL altitude inside the cockpit. I chuckled to myself a few times. “500…..100…..50…30…20…10…”

As a double feature bonus, I got to spend all day on Fathers day with my Dad. That was a nice extra on the trip. We bummed around the house most of the day, then watched some movies and I made him dinner.

So after a good week off, I’m looking forward to getting back to work. I have a lot of work ahead these next few months. I need to start working on my MEI and getting that dual given column in the triple digits.