so much for that!

In an interesting string of events, I have stopped work on my MEI.

I’m currently in a standardization class for the Swiss contract. Which directly conflicted with the multi-engine standardization that starts tomorrow.

It’s going to be interesting. This program has completely different procedures, and methods of teaching. I’m relearning everything I know for the most part. Which isn’t even the best part! I can’t forget all the other ways of doing things. I still have to finish my MEI, and complete MEI standardization which will require the ‘old’ way of doing everything.

The best part is, the procedures and methods are only slightly different. Speeds I have to memorize are merely a few knots different. No chance of confusion there! Nope.

The plan now, is, once I finish this standardization I will complete my MEI. Then join the next MEI standardization class. Hopefully this maze won’t delay my instruction in the multi-engine too long.

As an afterthought to this whole mess, they require 500 hours total time, and 200 hours of dual given(as flight instructor). I currently am about 50 short on both those numbers. So during standardization I have to find the time to fly 50 hours. Looking forward to the paycheck, not the lack of sleep.