commercial written exam

After completing my commercial ground school class this week, I took and passed the written exam this morning. With a score of 95, it's the highest I've scored on any written.

I'm extremely satisfied with myself. I was feeling fairly nervous about this written. I feel that my score on this test was very representative of my career options. For some reason I placed a lot of weight on this test, and it motivated me to study harder. There were only two tests in my ground school test. I scored fairly well on both of them, but I knew I could do better.

It's also a relevant factor in being hired here at the school as a flight instructor. That put extra pressure on me to do well on this test.

Now that I have got this out of the way, I can focus on finishing my instrument rating. Now after about 4 days of solid studying of commercial material, I need to start studying instrument material again.

I hope to have this instrument rating finished in two weeks.