commercial ground school

This week I have started doing commercial ground school. I still haven't finished my instrument flying, but I'm trying to finish while I'm in class. I only have 5 flights left in my instrument training.

The instrument training has been going really well for me. Besides having some minor issues with memory items, such as checklists, and when to do sequenced events, I'm doing really well. Most of my flights have gone fairly smoothly, with minor hiccups.

I'm currently waiting for a new instructor again. This is only about the tenth instructor I've had while training here. My current instructor is starting a program that takes up pretty much all her time. She will be instructing contract students with an airline, and will be unable to carry 'normal' students like myself.

If there is one thing that I can say nobody here likes, it would be the contract students. Basically they are treated the way you would think yourself deserves to be treated. They are given priority over other students, and they seem to be scheduled much differently. It is very aggravating to lose instructors, or scheduled time to these students.

Commercial ground school so far is a very basic review of what I learned in private pilot ground school about a year ago. I'm still waiting to be challenged in this class. I'm the type of person who can't stand listening to something over and over again. I know I've said it before, that sometimes the ground schools feel very repeated. This is still the case with commercial ground school.

I guess this is what you have to put up with at most 141 schools. Perhaps the lower flight time requirements make up for my torture in this class. I sure hope so.