Making friends has saved my sanity.

I went to the mall today, the beach, and to Best Buy to get a wireless card.

My dorm room is unique and small. It will take a lot of time to adjust from a Queen sized bed to this tiny twin. I’m not sure about it right now, hopefully I’ll get use to it. Beggars can’t really be choosers though, and this will do fine.

My roommate seems to be a really busy guy, I hardly ever see him. Not sure if that’s good or bad. He seems to be going about a million miles a minute.

I am going to stop by the pilot shop tomorrow and pick up some flight materials. Some sectional charts, the AFD, and hopefully the POH(Pilot’s operating handbook) of the plane I will be flying for a while. That will be a good jump start for me.

Hopefully I can go with my friends flight tomorrow, just to ride along. It will be nice just to be in a plane again. In the atmosphere, kind of getting me in the mood I guess.

I have been talking with some of the other students, and they think I will be able to fly during my ground school, which makes me really happy, because I would really like to just breeze through the first part of this course. Since I have so many(hah) hours already, I should be able to go through it fairly painlessly.

I think that’s all for now. E-mail me- call me, respond here, whatever works.

I need some conversation 🙂