Work goodbye:

I’m not really sure where to start.

For the past two years I have been pursuing my interest in aviation. For as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to be a pilot. Encouraged by relatives, and friends, I began training for my Private Pilots license two summers ago. Trying to balance work and training at the same time, made the progress slow. I knew that one day I would have to dedicate my full attention to flying. Those days are now.

I have been given the opportunity to attend a school in Vero Beach Florida, FlightSafety. That is where I will receive training for multiple FAA certifications, which will allow me to fly commercially, as well as instruct my own students one day. I currently have no long term goal for airline, or specific career choice. I’m interested in medical transports, fire suppression, private and corporate charter.

It’s been fun working with everyone. I look up to and admire the entire IT staff, as they have all taught me something. I will never forget my experiences here.

If you’re at all interested about my progress, I have setup a web journal at (Still a nerd at heart).

My last day is Friday the 19th of August. I will be at Capones that evening if you care to join me. My cell number will not change.

Darkmeat out.