well now

I know, I know. It’s been way too long. It seems the gaps between updates has been getting longer. It’s not exactly by choice, I’m just so busy lately.

Right now I’m in the latter part of step two. This is the phase of training where I build my x-country required time for commercial, and build night proficiency, as well as single engine commercial maneuvers. There is a step two stage check, but not for any FAA rating, just a progress check with Flight Safety.

I only have about 10 flights left in step two, and then I will be going into the Seminole, which is the twin engine. I’m pretty excited about that, except for the cost! Goes from $100 an hour, to $300! Yikes! However, I hear the Seminole is tons of fun to fly.

I have in the mean time finished CRM(It’s called ‘Error and Risk Management’ but everyone calls it CRM), and Zlin ground school.

CRM exposes you to a lot of NTSB incident and accident reports. They show you how some could be avoided, and some you have to adapt to the situation. There is no page in the instruction book about what to do when the roof flies off.

The CRM class was very informative about common mistakes, and the instructor had a lot of personal tips and tricks to stay safe in the air. I think the class was only three of four days long, but there is another segment of the class later on in the training. I enjoyed the class, and it changed the way I fly, in some ways.

The Zlin ground school was in preparation for my spin training. It was about a three hour brief on the maneuvers you will perform in the Zlin, as well as some advanced aerodynamics of a stall, and spin.

There are four flights in the Zlin, each one hour long. I haven’t yet had one, but I’m super excited to get to go. Can’t wait to do some spins, and loops.

Flight Safety has been building a new maintenance hanger to replace the one that was damaged(destroyed) by the hurricanes last year. They have the building up, and have started framing the interior. Today I noticed they were attaching the hanger door. They have told us that it should be finished by March.

Also- they flight line building has been undergoing remodeling as of late, and I think that is set to be finished in April. Hopefully it is done soon, because right now we have to brief in trailers, and it’s not the greatest environment. Flight Safety has done they’re best to make it the best possible, but a trailer is a trailer.

In other news, they have installed wireless internet access on campus. I haven’t tried it out, but I know a few people that are currently using it, and I haven’t heard any complaints. Even though they claim it’s ‘Free’, they raised our rent in the dormitories a few months ago. The .50 cent raise per day, affected all on campus housing, to the best of my knowledge.

I think that covers most of what has been happening lately. I will try my best to keep this site more updated.