the ups and downs

Well after a lengthy vacation from Florida, I’m back into the swing of things.

Currently I’m at the end of the first half of my instrument rating training. This week I have been working in the Frasca to get my skills back to where they were when I left. Today I had a 2 hour flight in the Seminole to analyze how my flying was.

Everything went better than it has been going. I still have some issues with tracking and intercepting from an outbound course, to an inbound course. I need to perfect my altitude holding, and my scan.

So next week I will go back into the plane for another flight to finish up what I’m working on, then a ground brief and I’ll be ready for my stage check. I have a ton of studying to do to be prepared for that stage check though.

Moral of the story is, try not to take a lengthy vacation in the middle of your instrument rating. It sucks.