the seminole

Today I logged the first multi-engine time in my logbook. A historic day, that will live in INFAMY! Or perhaps not…

Well it was a lot of fun. The whole flight went really well. The plane flies amazingly well, and for the most part, without my help. From the first take off, I knew I would love flying this plane. It's faster, smoother, easier to fly. Everything you could want from a light twin airplane.

We went up and did the basics again. Slow flight, steep turns, and power on and off stalls. Everything I did to standards, so I felt really good about that. There are some things to polish of course, but for the most part are pretty good.

The hardest part is yet to come. Engine inoperative operations. That is a whole mess of memory items, and checklists. Which haven't been going too great for me. I'm having a hard time memorizing some of the required memory items. With time I'm sure it will be no problem, but it's frustrating right now.

We did some touch and goes at Sebastian airport. That was fun. The plane is incredibly smooth, and my landings were damn near perfect! 🙂 It will take some time to get the finesse of the approach down, but landing is landing.

Now it's back to the simulator for a few more sessions to work on single engine operations. After two simulator sessions, it's back to the airplane to do it for real. This phase is short, so I should be plenty busy with all the memorization, and studying.