step two stage check

Well I have officially completed all of my flying for step two. This step was mostly time building, and solo cross countries.

In this step I did 13 cross countries, for a total of 40 hours XC time.
I flew a total of 72.4 hours in the Cherokee.
A total of 139 landings.

Which brings my total time to:
Single-engine land: 151.6
Landings: 355 day / 32 night
Night: 15
Simulated Instrument: 7.2
Cross Country: 43
Dual Received: 86.2
Pilot in Command: 82.2
Total Time: 151.6

It's been a long drawn out time. It felt like this phase would never end! However, in roughly three and a half months, I nearly doubled my total time, and built 40 hours of cross country time.

All in all, it's been a lot of fun. I tried very hard not to repeat any trips. I visited the same airport very rarely. It presented a great challenge to go to a different airport each time. For the most part, Florida is a great place to go flying! When the weather is on your side, you can go anywhere in this state.

What's next? Well I have a step two stage check now. This isn't a FAA check ride, just a FlightSafety progress check. They want to make sure I've used my time in this step wisely. They are looking for maneuver proficiency, and up to standards. After I finish that, I'm flying the Seminole! I will finally be flying the twin. I am super excited. The plane is faster, cooler, sweeter, faster.