After some touch and goes with my instructor, I went up solo for some full stop-taxi backs.

The flight was mostly uneventful. I rushed myself too much, and forgot my takeoff checklist once. I immediately recognized it, and did the important stuff from memory, and verified once I leveled off in the pattern. After that I slowed myself down some, and got back into the flow.

The landings we're all pretty good, I was on the little runway here, and so I tend to come in high all the time. Wasn't really a problem on any but the last. I would just idle the power on final, and glide down to glide slope, touching on the numbers. On the last one, I was really high for some reason. Idled the power, and pitched up to slow, but would have put me too far down the runway. I entered a forward slip, and got it down a little past the numbers.

I should have stopped here at three landings, but I didn't. 🙂 I did one more on the big runway.

Then I called tower when I should have switched to ground for taxi clearance. I laughed.

I have a picture of me and my instructor and the plane coming- I will post it when I get it.