so yea

There is pretty much no excuse. I just haven’t put anything here for a long time.

Today I finished my multi-engine commercial check ride! This means I’m almost a real pilot. If I had a job, I could get paid to fly. BUT, I’m already working on my flight instructor rating to work for the school here in Florida.

I did really good on the oral portion of the test, and did OK on the flight. Definitely could have flown better, but the weather and clouds got to me a little bit I think. Oh well. I passed, it’s finished, and I’m moving on.

It’s kind of weird, this check ride came so quick, I now have to endorsements on the same page in my logbook! Now I start working on my single-engine commercial rating. I doubt I’ll be able to finish it before Christmas break.

I’ve already started the flight instructor ground school. I’m about half way through that right now. It’s been good so far, but still mostly just review. We do have a few presentations that we have to give to the class at the end. I’m looking forward to it, even though I don’t like talking in front of an audience.

After extensive amounts of time off for vacation, and weather, and health. I’m nearly done! I feel good about the speed of my progress. Even though I’m about 4 months behind what I could have been, all things considered, it’s still pretty awesome!

Moving on!