registration and orientation day

Well today I met a lot of people, and signed a lot of paperwork. I signed my name more times than I care to remember. I heard the same thing from 10 different people, but only three times per person.

I'm not sure if they communicate what they are teaching to the other instructors, but it seemed that today, I heard the same thing over and over. New person would come into the room to introduce who they are, and what they do. Then they would talk for about 50 minutes. 30 minutes of what they talked about, we just heard 30 minutes ago. It was a little frustrating to say the least. I felt like I wasted a lot of time today.

I did however get all my books and materials needed for ground school. I got my new flight bag, and my uniform shirts. Which I found out, I needed to have slacks for tomorrow. Apparently, paying 266 bucks for uniforms, isn't enough to have them same day. So I had to go out and spend another 30 bucks on pants. Thanks Flight Safety. Also, they mentioned today that it was a requirement of the uniform to have dark/black shoes. Another shred of information that wasn't shared with me prior to this day. Another 50 bucks on shoes. I'm just frustrated that they didn't tell me about EVERYTHING. I felt I was ambushed with this last minute stuff, and I hate that. I had to get some lined paper, and binders also. Oh well, no big deal really I guess, just aggravating.

So now I have everything I need pretty much. Just waiting for my pants to come in from the uniform shop. They better fit perfectly too.

I got my mailbox today also, as you can see.

I'm excited for tomorrow, day 1 of Private ground school.