After a day in Orlando with my parents, and some quality time at Disney World, I'm getting started with regular flights.

I met my new instructor today, Jeff. Nice guy, very smart, and a good teacher.

Today was lesson 3 for me, we did some slow flight- steep turns, and power on/power off stalls. Getting the procedure down is harder than the actual maneuver for me. I'm still unfamiliar with the checklists and how to set up the maneuvers.

The only thing I didn't like about my lesson today- was he took the controls from me on final once. There was a lot of traffic in the pattern, and we had to shorten our base to final approach. Instead of just letting me lose altitude quickly, which I could have done, he took the controls and brought us down to glide slope. I didn't like that, I'm perfectly capable of handling that situation.

No big deal, if it happens again, I will mention it.

Other than that it was a great flight, and I'm really getting the hang of the plane.