It’s been a wild couple of days. Since the 24th, I have been in Orlando. I was helping my parents with a Scrapbook show(oh yea baby). Now the show is over and I’m sitting in the rental car with my moms laptop. I’m fairly embarressed that my mother has a better technology setup than me. Her new HP laptop, with T-Mobile wireless GPRS connectivity. It’s actually pretty awesome.

Anyways, it’s hotter than hell here. The show was a drag, didn’t really do well. Other than that, for me, it wasn’t too bad. I worked harder shows, and longer shows, so this was a cakewalk.

Since I’m on a less than 56k connection, I will wait to upload any pictures. I have a bunch of the plane ride in, and show, and random other items. I hopefully will be online again in a few days, but I’m still unsure at this time.

I miss home already. I think I started missing home as soon as I stepped on the plane. I know that once I get settled in here I will feel a lot better, but it still hasn’t really hit me yet. I’m use to flying out somewhere, working a show, and flying home. Well I have no home to fly home to this week.

I’m excited, and scared still. I know I have the opportunity of a lifetime, and I should be nothing less than giggly about it, but I’m still just scared.

My mom flew in last night, it was great to see her here. I know that she is here to help me through it, but I think I’m helping her more.