A little less than 5 years ago I took a big step outside my comfort zone. Like so many other students of aviation, I moved a few thousand miles away from home to pursue a dream. A dream I had fostered longer than I can remember of being a pilot. In those nearly 5 years I have transformed from a student of aviation, to a teacher. As an individual I have grown countless milestones.

This chapter in my life comes to a close, and a new opportunity awaits me.

I have been hired by an airline and have been assigned a start date. Of the few times previous that I have interviewed and ‘hired,’ never have I made it this far in the exodus. I have officially provided my supervisor a letter of resignation.

These past few months have been a roller coaster of emotion and fear coupled with excitement. The unknown and waiting during the application process, followed by the stress and pressure of the interview process, followed by more waiting and anticipation waiting to hear from the company. I have finally heard the official word. The emotion has turned towards a nervous excitement. I will miss some things, but look forward to not dealing with other certainties. I’m apprehensive of what awaits me, yet eager to get started.

For what feels like forever I have been where I am, and I find myself facing the same issues of transplantation as when I first came to Florida. Where will I be? Will I like it? Will I succeed? Will I make friends? Will I be able to pay my bills? What if…?

In a little over a week I will be starting my trek across the country again. This time by car. I have a little over 2200 miles to drive to where my parents live. I look forward to the drive, and I will be joined on the trip by my Dad.

Soon you will hear of the trials and tribulations of a teacher turned student yet again. Lets hope I can practice what I have for so long preached.