checkride coming up

Well I have three flight lessons left, until I do a prep checkride, then the real thing. That's all that stands between me, and a Private Pilot's License… I can taste it, the sweet sweet nectar of it. I have a ton of studying to do again, to prepare for the oral exam, and practical test.

Basically for the checkride, I have to pass an oral examination, and a flight examination. The oral is pretty much some check airman, quizzing me, and picking my brain about everything I know, or think I know. They tend to last about 3 hours. IF I pass the oral, we go on to the practical portion(flight).

During that I'm expected to show positive control, as well as complete a set of maneuvers within certain specifications. The only maneuvers I really need to practice are short field, and soft field landings and takeoffs. Everything else I'm pretty confidant with.

I have been working so much lately, I haven't really had time to keep this updated. I get home from work, try to study for a while, but normally end up falling asleep.